Vayu वायु is air

Data Science For Everyone.

This is Data Science, without coding.

 From data munging to AI - Vayu is effortless, intuitive and designed for Citizen Data Scientists.

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Tell the story of your data, in an interactive document.
The power of SQL, R and python, without coding. Do anything in minutes.
Collaborate in real-time. Share your notebooks and datasets with anyone.
Instant feedback.
Never wait for a result. Powered by the latest hardware.
Zero configuration required. We handle everything, in the cloud.
Connect to your data from any source. Host your data for anyone to use.
In-built services for natural language and Machine Learning.
Start with GBs, scale to PBs. Vayu has your back.
Turn your notebooks into reusable applications.

Hit the ground running.

 There are no limits to what you can do if you stop worrying about learning to code.

Get creative with the ready-made blocks or build your own from re-usable elements.
Leverage the power of Webflow CMS to build functional sites with full creative control over your content.