Data science in clicks. No-code.

Vayu is data science for everyone - collaborative, interactive and fun.

Upload a dataset or connect to external sources. Clean and transform your data with intuitive drag and drops.
Perform advanced AI techniques and classifications in a matter of clicks. Organize and learn from your data to communicate your big ideas.
Create beautiful, insightful visualizations, selecting from an array of intuitive charts, graphs and maps.
Create reports and share your templates or workflow automations with others. Accelerate processes and supercharge collaboration!

VAYU is packed full of features, all of them designed to make your life a little easier.

The power of SQL, R and Python, without a single line of code
Lightning fast drag and drop queries to accelerate productivity
Turn your notebook into repeatable steps anyone can follow
Share your notebooks and datasets with anyone
Bring your best and brightest on board to collaborate on your data journey
Your workflow, all in one place. From start to finish, VAYU does it all
One-click AI
The power of SQL, R and Python, without a single line of code
Flexibile, agile and limitless. VAYU can be tailored to suit you and your team
Suraj Rajan
"Talk of data platform, talk of data democratisation, talk of "no-code" notebook, talk of advanced analytics and data science .... Gyana's VAYU walks the talk!"
Suraj Rajan
Data warehouse consultant
Shkar H Abdelqader
"As a doctor, I really found the tool easy to use and intuitive and seriously I never thought my patient data could tell me this much - I am amazed"

Shkar H. Abdelqader
Consultant Pediatric Dentist & Cosmetic Dentist
Miles Rowbottom
"Vayu helps me to bring data to life in minutes, for me a huge time save in performing data analysis and presentation"

Miles Rowbottom
Data Scientist & Student - UCL
Kumar Harsh
"Vayu is really handy to do Data Science without any coding. The best thing with this is, it's free for anyone and everyone irrespective of the background. All thanks to Gyana for this awesomeness"

Harsh Kumar
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NO-CODE data science with VAYU.

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 There are no limits to what you can do when you stop worrying about learning to code.
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