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About The Programme

GYANA is a creative and innovative leading Global Tech company with a mission to democratize access to Big Data with our #NOCODE tagline.

Big Data is truly everywhere and is influencing all spheres, and this programme is your unique chance to dive in and be at the forefront of it all!
If you are a student, who is confident and passionate, we are offering you the opportunity to become our Student Brand Ambassador.

Regardless of your educational background or what your study, if you are curious about Technology and its impact in the future then this opportunity is for you!  

This program is exciting and truly is your chance to learn, stand out, and have fun all at the same time.  

The Roles and Responsibilities

Increase awareness about GYANA and its mission through community engagements, guerilla activities and events alongside other Campus Representatives
Foster relationships with college organizations, societies and groups and come up with innovative ways to integrate GYANA into their spheres.
Drive online engagement across Social Media.
Represent GYANA on all your Social Media platforms.

The Benefits

Resume building experience.
Access to exclusive events.
(Gyana and others)
Networking opportunities.
Certification of completion.
Internship / Job opportunities.
Mentorship from GYANA executives

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