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On the SAMSARA podcast, we explore how data related technologies can alter the course of business and life.

Whether overrated or underrated, we cannot deny the importance of data science and data-based insights in every aspect of our life. From politics to house prices and pandemics to trading, data brings a tsunami of change.

Explore a universe of insight with Joyeeta Das, the vivacious, energetic CEO of Gyana, as she finds out what industry experts, students, data scientists, journalists and thought leaders think, how they navigate this world and what can we learn from them.
Samsara - The Gyana Podcast

Season 4

The first episode of season four, we speak to Frank Böhmer and Alexander Koenig of Ninox Software, a company with a mission statement not unlike Gyana's: to empower everybody with no-code!

Season 3

In Season 3 of the SAMSARA podcast, we'll be speaking with Gyana insiders from both the commercial and product side, to find out more about working in the startup ecosystem and how best to develop, deploy and market a disruptive SaaS. We'll also be joined by Suraj Rajan, a data technologist with a wealth of insight and an unparalleled domain knowledge.

Season 2

In Season 2 of the SAMSARA podcast, we'll be speaking with practitioners at the forefront of data strategy in the property sector. Joyeeta and her guests discuss the significance of human decision making when harnessing data-driven insight and how the retail sector is adapting to fast-paced changes brought about by the COVID-19 crisis.

Season 1

In Season 1 of the SAMSARA podcast, we'll be taking a look at how various sectors are dealing with data strategy and its impacts and changes, all while getting to know some outstanding, inspirational stalwarts and leaders in their respective fields. Joyeeta and her guests explore questions of data ethics, change in data access trends and what the future may hold given the current crisis we find ourselves in.

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