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What is a data block?
A block is any piece of analysis you produce as part of a project. Blocks include tables, charts and maps.
What is a credit?
Credits can be used to access paid datasets and external connectors.
What if I exceed my plan’s allotted monthly credits?
We cap your account to the monthly limit so you will not exceed it inadvertently. You can reach out to to discuss an upgrade of your plan.
Is there a discount for annual billing?
Yes, every subscription has a 15% discount if paid annually upfront.
Is private data shared with third parties or advertisers?
No, your data is 100% secure and we do not share with any third parties.
Do I have access to support?
Yes, depending on the tier you’re in:
  • Free: you have access to forums, communities and tutorials inside VAYU
  • Starter: you have access to email support from our dedicated customer support team 12x5
  • Professional and Enterprise: you have access to phone assistance and on-premise support/training 24x7
What are the modes of payment?
You can pay online by debit card or request an invoice to
What currencies you will accept?
You can pay in your local currency using the debit card payment method. If you prefer receiving an invoice, we currently support GBP, USD and EUR.
Can I get a VAT receipt?
Yes, please email us
Where is my data stored?
Your data is securely stored on the cloud servers operated by our current partner Google. We are ISO27001 certified and take every step to ensure that your data is secure.
I have a question about payment, who do I contact?
Please contact

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