Data leads to insight and insight leads to knowledge

35% of our users have explored Covid-19 related data. Why? Because they want clarity, and we can give that to them.

When the pace of the coronavirus pandemic began to quicken, we noticed something interesting. 

In some ways, it was unsurprising to us because it was integral to our mission, one which is now clearer than ever, made so by the countless users we’ve seen login and become citizen data scientists in minutes. 

The number of people using VAYU has grown significantly throughout March, propelled in part by an ever growing curiosity and a desire to understand. Our users wanted clarity and they got it.

With the growing number of Covid-19 cases, it’s no surprise that people want to get to the bottom of it all, and what better way to do so than through data?

Data tells us almost everything we need to know about any given subject. Viewed through the correct lens, anyone can see patterns emerge and insights reveal themselves before their eyes; this is the path to true knowledge.

35% of VAYU users have now used Covid-19 related datasets to watch trends unfold and see the truth with their own eyes. 

The best part is, our users are from every walk of life, with a range of backgrounds and job titles. Divergent educations and unique goals. Individual needs and distinctive methods.

"Data leads to insight and insight leads to knowledge"

We’ve seen everyone from data scientists to marketing executives and students to charities using VAYU, all to the same end; they want to know more.

At Gyana, we’re democratising data. We’re making it accessible to everyone by providing a simple, intuitive interface, as accessible as the most basic of platforms but just as powerful as the ‘big name’ data dashboards.

From the outset there has been no compromises. VAYU had to be intuitive. It had to be simple. It had to be powerful. We ticked all the boxes, put it out there, and the response has been overwhelming. 

We’ve learned a lot about our platform and the people who use it, and in turn, our users have learned a lot about their data. They’ve had their questions answered and their queries resolved.

We maintain the belief that it should not cost you to get clarity.

In times like this, transparency is essential.

So just get in touch with us. If there’s some data you want to unpack, then do it and see for yourself. 

We’re on hand to help you answer your citizen data science questions, whether they’re about sales, hospital beds, marketing or weather, we’re all in this together.

January 20, 2020
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