Project Amara
(Amara = sanskrit for immortal)

Crowdsourced information vault for everyone

Amara is an attempt to allow every organisation to upload their version of truth to a centralised data base.

Project amara

Any numerical data you want to share will be kept here

Whether you ran a hospital or an old age home or an apple cart
How did your data change? If you tracked it
You can upload it here. It does not have to be mission critical secretive data
Anything can be useful
This will allow us to continue learning from this generational pandemic long into the future. 10 years from now should there be any kind of crisis again-we can learn and revive from this repository.

1000+ data sets donated!

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We do not remember that well especially those who did not live through it.

Have you ever wondered how truth changes fast , lately?
Almost anything is hard to believe 10 years later.
How was the 2008 recession? 
Can you remember the smell of the fear and how quiet the streets were?

How about the plague 100 years ago?

We would not even be able to remember even if we wanted to because there were no digital records. 

Imagine how great it would have been if we could? If all the brains of the world used our current disposal of technology to collectively look for patterns and lessons. 

We could use lessons in diagnosis but also tertiary side effects - businesses, tourism, geographical changes, political changes. History could have been a real witness.

Think of it as a blood bank with various plasma stored in a refrigerator.

Except you can make endless copies for your experimentation. While we cannot be immortal yet, advancements in information sciences have made sure that information can be so.

Project Amara is a pure non profit and open source initiative from Gyana.

It is available to anyone who wants to use this data - no entry criteria needed. Just download and use.

Join us to create a vault of information

 A vault to show a faithful mirror. We owe it to the future of humanity and perhaps all species.

We owe it to the future of humanity and perhaps all species.


Data Friendly Space
"Improved humanitarian response through better data"


Can I upload images?
Not yet - we want to make sure we are not accepting inappropriate images. Our technology framework is not there yet.
Are the datasets true?
We have no way of knowing that. Please contact the submitting organisation for follow up.
What can use it for?
Anything useful and positive please. We have no licensing requirements.