Neera नीर is water

Footfall Analytics

People signals in a few clicks.

 For commercial Real Estate, Retail and Finance.

Assets and polygons.
 Draw your own polygons and see results within seconds. No more guessing.
Compare assets.
See how assets are performing in comparison to each other with regard to footfall. No blindspots about competition.
Super intuitive.
Easy-to-use with no onboarding needed. There is no perpetual time spent liaising with the Tech team.
Demographics context.
Identify the brackets of persons who visit certain places, perceive the time  spent there and know where they come from. No more assumptions.

Neera reveals how people use the real world.

Any asset, any signal, any geography.

Get creative with the ready-made blocks or build your own from re-usable elements.
Leverage the power of Webflow CMS to build functional sites with full creative control over your content.