Gyana is inviting you to delve into Samsara
- the world of data sciences

19th November

Gyana in partnership with U+I presents:


An immersive data science day


SAMSARA means the cyclical world - in Sanskrit.

  • Have you ever wondered what is going on in the world of applied data sciences?
  • How can it benefit you and your organisation ?
  • It is one thing to hear data is gold but what are the actual steps to benefit ?

Gyana is inviting you to delve into Samsara - the world of data sciences.

It will be a day of talks, advanced data science tools, real applications, exposure to cutting edge techniques and the world's biggest 'data science hackathon' that requires no data science expertise to win!

100 diverse team from organisations as varied as law & order to financial services, consumer goods to business schools- will compete. They will use Gyana on open datasets we shall provide.

The team that finds the most interesting patterns in the data by 4pm will win 1000 GBP and their "nominated charity" will also win 1000 GBP on the same day.

Gyana is empowering the world to unleash their data super powers!

Jury panel

We have a star studded panel to help us

Jeff Ng
Jeffrey Ng
CTO at Founders Factory
Barry Carter
Barry Carter
Partner at KPMG
Thomas Hellmann
Thomas Hellmann
Prof. of entrepreneurship at Oxford University
Eoin Condren
Eoin Condren
Investment Director at U+I PLC
Claire S
Vishal Shah
Investment Associate at U+I PLC
Claire S
Ami Kotecha
Co-founder & MD, AmroLiving
Claire S
Irene Lopez de Vallejo
Co-founder at Ocean protocol

Our speakers involve Nigel Morris (CSO at Dentsu Aegis Network) to Mick Gregorovic (Chief Data Scientist at London Stock Exchange).

We will have music zones, goodie bags, sci-fi shows and delicious food to keep your energy at high levels all day.

What happens if am not a techie?

Gyana requires zero coding experience. Most teams that have registered are not techies.

What happens if am a techie?

We cannot wait to see what you do with our open source side !

What charities can I nominate for a 1,000 Pound voucher?

Any registered UK charity

Who can participate?

Anyone above 15 and under 80 years of age. Just grab a partner or friend or colleague and join us.

Do I have to bring my laptop?

Yes please. This is mandatory for all the team members to bring their laptop to be able to take part in the hackathon.

Don't miss out! Send in your team today.


8:00 Breakfast and Team Formation

9:00 Keynote and introduction by Nigel Morris, CSO Dentsu Aegis, Board Guardian Media

9:30 Hackathon starts

12:30 Lunch served, Mental Wellness Sessions by Isha Foundation

13.30 Hackathon continues

15.45 Talk by Irene Lopez de Vallejo (How Big Data will affect the success of the IoT world)

16:00 Presentation Submission, Talk by Barry Carter (KPMG) on what we are looking for in the winning entries

16.20 Mental Wellness, Talk by Isha Foundation

16.30 David Kell (Cofounder Gyana) announces top 10 finalists

16.45 How Ellandi drives value from data - talk by Holly Russell Kennedy (Ellandi)

17:00 Applied data science - talk by Eoin Condren (U+I Plc), talk by Mick Gregorovic (London Stock Exchange)

17:30 Panel discussion by Jeffrey Ng (CTO at Founders Factory), Thomas Hellmann (Prof, Oxford University), Vishal Shah (U+I Plc) moderated by Ami Kotecha (Amro partners)

18:00 Top 10 announcement and final presentations, Joyeeta Das (CEO Gyana)

18:30 The winners walk

19:00 Networking and drinks

20:30 Close

The topics for this year

  • Environment and sustainability - how can we make the earth more liveable and healthier
  • Wealth distribution and economic reform - how can we create economic justice
  • Equality and social justice - how can minorities and social equality be reinforced

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