We design state-of-the-art AI to make sense of the world's geospatial data. (So you can focus on growing your business.)

Gyana helps you understand the offline, real-world context that your customers live and breath in. You learn what else they were doing, where else. You stop speculating, and start intuiting about your business's strategy and growth.

It shouldn't take a 9-digit fee to a consultancy firm, or a PhD thesis to crunch the numbers yourself. We do the heavy lifting, you make a killing.

Gyana. Just competition-bashing customer insights for non-techies.

Understand your customers' contexts

Gyana shows you the journeys of customers on their way to your store.

Finally, you can identify potential partnerships with brands that will encourage customers to head to your shopfronts next.

Discover completely unknown segments of your customer base and what makes them tick.

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