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Our story

Gyana ज्ञान is knowledge in the ancient language of Sanskrit.

It is movement from ignorance to knowing.
When our founders collaborated in Oxford University, this was their only motivation, to enable everyone to have more knowledge in their roles. Why should advanced analysis be reserved only for those with coding skills?  This is what drives us everyday - the passion to create technology platforms that empower everyone.
Vayu वायु is air

Data science.

For everyone.
Our flagship #NOCODE product, Vayu enables anyone to use their data. From data munging to AI - it is effortless, intuitive and designed for business users.

Our users range from young Business School students, to strategy consultants. From financial due diligence experts to business analysts and market research report writers; no one is off limits.
Neera नीर is water

Footfall analytics.

Commercial real estate, retail, finance.
Neera enables real estate professionals and investors to perform geolocation analysis with a few clicks. This unlocks the value of physical assets and helps identify hidden business opportunities.

Today it empowers organisations and startups across the world. Distributed through three international partners, Neera is truly like water: simple, essential and seamless.

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In the age of the citizen data scientist, we believe in empowering individuals to reach new heights. Our no-code data science platform can do just that...no coding required.

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